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About Mr Premjit Randhawa

Mr Premjit Randhawa offers clinical appointments at the Royal Free London Private Patients Unit. The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is located in Hampstead Heath, providing a convenient option for local residents and people who work in the area. Mr Randhawa offers a full range of surgical procedures including facial plastic surgery, adult and paediatric ENT surgeries and rhinology. He has a special interest in diseases of the nose and sinuses and many patients are referred regularly to the Royal Free London clinic as well as Mr Randhawa’s other consultation locations.

However, his particular area of expertise is diseases of the nose and sinuses ranging from allergic rhinitis (hayfever) to performing nasal reconstruction and advanced sinus surgery. Mr Randhawa is also a surgical member of the Facial reanimation and Craniofacial service at University College London Hospitals which offers treatment to patients with facial nerve problems and facial deformity.

Mr Randhawa has published more than 30 peer reviewed articles in leading medical journals. Mr Randhawa is actively involved in teaching and training junior surgeons.  He is deputy education lead for ENT surgery at University College London Hospitals. He lectures and performs surgical demonstrations on nasal surgery courses (rhinoplasty/ endoscopic sinus surgery) which attracts an international audience.


Attending an ENT Consultation at the Royal Free London

A full ENT consultation involves the physical examination of the ears, nose and throat. This is the case for most patients even if they only exhibit pain or symptoms in one area. The examination may include:


An otoscope is usually used to examine the areas. It illuminates the eardrum and allows the consultant ENT surgeon to clearly see any issues or concerns. In some instances, further magnification may be needed and then a microscope will be used and micro-suction may also be required to remove any blockages such as wax.


To look at the front of the nose, the surgeon will use a speculum and utilise a headlight to allow for full lamination of the nasal cavities. This allows the surgeon to see any abnormalities or spot any issues which may need treatment.


Throat examinations usually begin externally, as the doctor will feel the throat thoroughly to see if they can find any unusual pathology or glands. The oral cavity is also examined, usually using a tongue depressor, to allow for easy illumination of the tongue and where the tonsils are. The back of the throat, nose and voice box may also be examined using a flexible nasendoscope through the nose. This allows for full visualisation of these difficult to view areas, allowing the surgeon to pinpoint any problem areas or concerns.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When visiting a consultant ENT surgeon London patients may be looking for a diagnosis to move forward. This is usually possible but initial consultations usually result in further appointments and testing before a full treatment plan or surgical options can be discussed. Some conditions can be easily recognised, and a treatment process can be put in place immediately, but this is not always the case.

Mr Randhawa prides himself on his many years’ experience and commitment to ENT and providing hundreds of patients with personalised and centred care. All consultations give patients the chance to fully discuss their concerns, worries about potential surgeries and recovery times, ensuring a fully considered decision can be made.

Appointments with your Consultant ENT Surgeon at he Royal Free in London

Arranging an appointment with Mr Randhawa may be through your GP and a referral. It is possible to get in contact directly to discuss clinics and appointments too. Consultations at the Royal Free in London may be the most convenient for some patients so getting in touch with Mr Randhawa’s secretary directly is the best way to find out the times, dates and schedules for possible appointments. Mr Randhawa’s secretary can be contacted here.

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